The purpose of our processes is the development of people, not the mastery of the material. Consequently, VantagePoint3 places a high value upon the preparation of those who facilitate this person-centered process.  Leaders will need to participate in facilitator training, which consists of two components: a facilitator retreat and a coaching relationship.


Facilitator retreats are offered throughout the U.S. and Canada. They help facilitators learn to lead a group, as well as to provide space for the facilitators to reflect on their own faith journey.


After the retreat, facilitators will be linked with a VantagePoint3 coach who will connect with them throughout the year. This coaching relationship helps facilitators:


• Continue to pay attention to their own formation.

• Talk through various content and learnings associated with the process.

• Think about the learning needs and next steps for group members, and implications for their church.


Facilitator training is an investment in a life-changing pathway. It provides a great context for the growth of facilitators who are equipped to intentionally walk alongside others as a way of life and ministry.


Upcoming Trainings

The Facilitator Training Retreat schedule for 2018 should be posted in November, 2017. Please check back!

Facilitator Training Retreats are usually scheduled in the summer months. However, if you are wanting to lead a group, contact us so we can work with you to get you started.




Facilitator Training Retreat Costs

Facilitator Training Packages:

          • The Journey: $700

                • Facilitator Training Package: $465

                • Process Materials: $235*


          • A Way of Life: $555

                • Facilitator Training Package: $330

                • Process Materials: $225*


          • Walking with Others: $500

                • Facilitator Training Package: $275 (an online retreat)

                • Process Materials: $225*


Included in the Facilitator Training Package:

          • Two-Day Retreat with meals for The Journey; One-Day Retreat with a meal for A Way of Life

          • Facilitator Guide and Resources

          • Ongoing Coaching Relationship and Support from VP3


*These are only necessary for those who do not already have the process materials.

**Fees do not include lodging or transportation. Training fees are due at the time of registration. All fees are in US dollars. $100 of the Training Cost is non-refundable.