Starting a Group…

Here are a few tools to help invite participants…

Below you will find print materials and promotional/testimonial videos to help generate interest and create momentum.


Promotional Materials –

Feel free to distribute to potential participants as a way of creating momentum and excitement for their involvement.  These are a great resource to help answer many of the questions people will have as they consider participating.



Participant Invitations
Below are 4-page/bi-fold invitations for you to order & hand out to potential participants. 
These can be ordered from the VP3 store -Free of charge!
WWO Invite Cover Image

(Click on images to see the full invitation)

Overview Sheets
The documents below provide a description of the overall process and an overview of each of the 3 stages…including title of each session and a few other details about each of the 3 stages.
WWO Overview Image
Stage Samples
Below you will find links to a sample of a session (or 2) of the process.  These are intended to provide an introduction to processes.  These are printable & distributable for people to get a better idea of what to expect from each process.
WWO Stage#1
Here is an editable sample of an application that some churches have used in an effort to help participants understand the importance and value of their commitment to The Journey.
Here is a sample covenant that could be used for any of the VantagePoint3 processes. Use it “as is” or modify it for your unique setting.


 Download the Application   Download the Covenant


Promotional/Testimonial Videos…

(Just click on the image to be directed to the HD quality video…or click on the links below each image to download)



 A great promotional video that walks through the purpose of The Journey and the impact participating in the process can have in our lives.

Download – Mobile Version  Larger Format (not HD)  

(Mobile version is smaller for easier emailing/posting)

President/Founder Randy Reese shares what inspired VantagePoint3, the vision of VP3, and why we are passionately committed to the good work of fostering depth and igniting faithful service in God’s people in partnership with the local church.


These are promotional videos produced by White River Christian Church in Noblesville, IN.  They produced these 2 videos as a way to encourage the members of their church family to participate in The Journey.  They are a combination of personal testimonies of participants and the testimony of the impact of The Journey on the church family from the church leadership.
WhiteRiver1-300pix   WhiteRiver2-300pix
The Journey – part 1
The Journey – part 2
(Downloads not available for these videos…click the image to go to the White River Vimeo page to view)


Two more videos sharing the impact of participating in The Journey  to help promote and encourage  people to participate

Kelowna Testimonies-600Click the image to view the HD video…Click Here to download the Mobile Version


Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.19.41 AMClick the image to view the HD video…Click Here to download the Mobile Version

This was produced at Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna, BC.
This was produced by Faith Church in Dyer, IN.


Hear from a pastor how participating in VantagePoint3 processes has affected the culture of his church family.
Hear about the impact on a couples’ marriage and mission while participating in The Journey together.

Pastor Tim-300pix

Download – Mobile Version  Larger Format (not HD)



Download – Mobile Version  Larger Format (not HD)



What impact has participating in The Journey had on your life?
What impact has participating in The Journey had on your life?
Mike-300pix   Colleen-300pix
Download – Mobile Version  Larger Format (not HD)   Download – Mobile Version  Larger Format (not HD)



 The Journey – Something needs to change with how we get to know God and how we do ministry. It starts by recognizing the epic story you are already living.
What is A Way Of Life?  Randy Reese and Rob Loane talk about encouraging greater attention to and alignment with God’s gracious way in your life, your community, and the world. 
TJ-300pix   AWOL-300pix
Download – Mobile Version   Download – Mobile Version  Larger Format (not HD)