Stories of Transformation

Every pastor I’ve seen participate in the VANTAGEPOINT3 Process has had a clearer focus. They know why they exist. They know why they’re leading their churches. What I’ve seen in individuals is that they’ve been called to ministry as a lay leader, and the second part is individuals who’ve been called into full time ministry as a result of this. The leadership culture that develops in a congregation…is so apparent. This strengthens leaders and churches.

Bob Walther, Regional Minister
Alberta Baptist Association


Every other leadership model that we looked at started with skill training. What sold us on the VANTAGEPOINT3 Process is that it started with the heart of the leader.

Pastor Joe Boerman
Gurnee, Illinois


What VANTAGEPOINT3 has offered us is a discipleship process of adult spiritual formation through the lens of leadership.

Pastor Dave Bartlett
Cedar Falls, Iowa


‘Emerging Leaders’ is somewhat misleading by definition when related to the opportunity I’ve had this past year. This gift has transformed my view of myself, my ‘neighbor,’ and the Living Spirit inside me. As I find strength in giving up control, the Spirit has become the Emerging Leader for my life, allowing my doubts, fears, and misplaced desire to take a back seat as God calls me to be aware of where I can be of service to His kingdom in my daily life (however small that may be). This re-emergence of the Spirit has also made me more conscientious to take action when an opportunity to represent the love of God arises. It has also allowed me to share the pains and joys of my life, past and present, with a group of people I’ve come to respect, trust, and love. I sincerely believe God has a purpose in our lives and I praise Him for leading me to this door..and pulling me through.

Dan, participant
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


(My VANTAGEPOINT3 group) was the most connected and vibrant study group I have ever been a part of…it was (also) the deepest and most meaningful examination of God and how He has been at work in my life that I have ever experienced.

Mark, participant
Portland, Oregon


What VANTAGEPOINT3 provides is neither a book or seminar but rather a context and process for an extended conversation about God, ourselves and where we fit into God’s kingdom work in the world. Our leadership centre adopted VANTAGEPOINT3 materials and processes several years ago and have found that it provides a great way to help leaders grow in community, in understanding, and in character.

Pastor Rob Peterson
Strathmore, Alberta


It’s paradigm-shifting to go through. It’s paradigm-shifting to implement. It will change the people who go through it. It changed me in profound ways. The people are not the same when they come out as when they came in…if your church is okay with these people really growing and really beginning to understand what holiness is and being able to encourage others in that same path, then go for it! It’s profound and it’s wonderful.

Kurt, participant
Dyer, Indiana


I think that I am leaving my year in the Emerging Leaders with more questions than answers. However, I have embarked on a new journey. I am learning what it really means to be a leader and what it means to lead out of who I am. And if anything, the only thing that I have learned is that I have so much yet to learn. This has been a year of refocusing and reshaping my values, my goals, and my identity. I am going through growing pains as God continues to shape me and as I continue to discover the person that God created me to be. I am excited to continue on this journey that has been initiated…

Angela, participant
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


My personal spiritual scoreboard (based on outward appearances) makes it look like I am winning the game. I am a lifelong Christian who has heard at least a thousand sermons. I have participated in countless Bible studies, I have served on the church board, I am one of the usual suspects to be named to a committee, and I dutifully carry out all assigned tasks with a ’good attitude.’ Not only that, but I have a great wife, two above average kids, and an obedient dog. However, by the grace of God I was led to a VANTAGEPOINT3 class. This class has challenged my smug complacency and forced me to bore down into my inner self like never before. For the first time I have truly wrestled with servant leadership, core values, spiritual discipline, my personal destiny, and ‘finishing well.’ My only regret is that I did not take a class like this 25 years ago. Superlatives do not come easily from me, but [the VANTAGEPOINT3 process] has been a game changer and I am committed to ‘finishing well.’

Jeff, participant