This weekend my good brother in the Lord, Rob Loane, and I will be leading a spiritual formation retreat many of you have experienced at some point in the past called, “Making Space.”  Robert will be leading his retreat at Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia, WA for folks going through the Emerging Journey process in the Seattle/Portland area…I will be leading the same retreat at Sioux Falls Seminary for folks going through the Emerging Journey in South Dakota and Iowa. 

The retreat leans into three particular themes…all of which are necessary to walk well and far in the journey.  These themes include:  making space for God, making space for myself, and making space for others.  Simple.  Hard.  Needed. Although Rob and I have done this particular retreat dozens of times, when the time comes to do it again it seems right on time for our own need to make space.  This retreat in particular confronts our own desire and sometimes giftedness to “do everything faster” (see Oct 25th Blog entry by Rob, “Do Everything Faster”). The discipline to make space is a hard and unnatural one to cultivate.  Scheduling time to make space sounds odd but is a step in a good direction.  Not having to schedule time to make space is a mark of maturity.

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  1. Scott Sutherand   On   November 21, 2011 at 1:25 am

    I would just like to thank Randy for the experience I had in the silence and solitude session of the making spaces retreat in Kelowna, bc. Canada. I never thought that I could quite my mind for so long and be at peace with my thoughts. Usually I leave doors open for Satan to peek through and on that day in those wonderful surroundings I was ok. I felt gods presence and there is no doubt in my heart that I will be making space for myself and for god in the days and months to come. It’s only been a day sence the retreat and I’ve shared my experience with many others. I feel that if I can just help one person have a similar experience that I did and make more space in there life. Then I have done what god wants me todo. I will end with what I declared to God and the group at the end of the retreat. ” If I can say that I know one thing, and I don’t know much. Is that god is up to something good in my life and everyone that is here today. “

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