Faithfulness and Focus Retreat – April 28, 2018

Faithfulness and Focus in this Season of Your Life

God is up to something very good in your life and in your community, but are you paying attention? Let’s be honest, paying attention is not easy. Our lives can become so full, fragmented, and loud that the most important things sadly go unnoticed.


Join VantagePoint3’s Rob Loane and Pam Edwards for a one-day retreat designed for you to pay attention to the Spirit’s activity in your life. Where might God be inviting you to a deeper intimacy and a greater cooperation with what the Spirit is up to in the world?


Rob Loane serves as President of VantagePoint3, a ministry that seeks to help people discover more deeply who God is, who they are, and what God desires to do through them. He has coauthored a book entitled Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey (InterVarsity, 2012) a great primer on understanding VP3’s hospitable, particularizing, deepening, and patient way of developing people.

Dr. Pam Edwards supports the ministry of VP3 by thinking about best practices for Adult Learning and Growth, with a particular eye on developmentally minded leaders—people who live and breathe helping other people grow—in all settings where VantagePoint3 processes are being used or explored. To this point in time, she has spent about a third of her career in business contexts, a third in university teaching, and now the best third in ministry. She is a listener, encourager, and teacher.

APRIL 28, 2018


8:30 AM – Welcome

9:00 AM – A Question of Location

• Where are you?

10:30 AM – Seasons of Life and Focus

• How are you changing over time?

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:30 PM – Transition

• What transitions are you finding your way through?

3:00 PM – A Question of Direction

• Who are you following?



  • Emmanuel Church
  • 15941 Virginia Ave
  • Paramount CA



COST: (includes retreat and lunch)


  • $65 before March 31
  • $75 after March 31


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