From time to time, we will host online events or webinars to provide leaders a place to prayerfully reflect upon how they are investing in the growth and maturity of their people. Below are some we have held in the past.




Barriers to Spiritual Growth


The local church can be a place of deep growth, but our maturing will not be without ppposition and struggle. What are those dynamics that frustrate our maturity into Christ? And how can we learn to deepen our trust and faithfulness amidst these persistent barriers? Join us to learn more and enter into the discussion (recorded November 18th, 2015).

Here is a handout of the PowerPoint slides for you to download and take notes.

A Pathway for Adult Development and Our New Process: Walking with Others

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(To download a PDF handout of the PPT presentation – click here)


There are some exciting new developments for next fall!

Chief among these is the reworking of the Enriching process, now to be entitled Walking with Others, a process designed for those seeking to learn how to guide others toward a deeper maturity in Christ.

Come hear Randy, Rob, and Brent talk about the revisions and facilitator training, as well as the bigger picture questions of how Walking with Others fits into an overall Pathway for Adult Development.  They will also be available to field questions particular to your setting.  Hope you can join us!


Learn who we are and what we do: An Online Informational Gathering

  • Do you want to deepen your adults?
  • Do you want to discover the good work God desires to do in and through them?
  • Do you want to groom people toward leadership?
  • Do you want to deepen your leadership culture?
  • Perhaps you need processes to help mature and unleash your church…
  • Maybe you have heard of VantagePoint3 and The Journey and want to learn more…

Join us for this Online Informational Gathering to learn the “nuts & bolts” of what VantagePoint3 is all about and how we have helped pastors and churches across North America meet the needs expressed by these questions.


What We Are Learning About Adult Development:

In our 16 years of working with more than 260 churches from 23 denominations, we have learned a bit about adult development.  In addition to our “field work,” leaders like you contributed to a recent research inquiry where several insights, encouragements and challenges were discovered.

In this webinar, we share what we have learned from our experience walking alongside our partners in ministry and from our research (recorded February 25, 2015).


The Life of a Leader: Rhythm vs. Balance:

In this fast-paced, highly-driven, consumer-mentality society, is “balance” even the right thing to strive toward in our lives?  What does it mean to live and lead in a healthy “rhythm?”  Join us for a live discussion with other leaders, like yourself, as we work through what it means to find a “rhythm to our lives” in a full and whole kind of way (recorded December 10, 2014).

Cultivating A Culture of Walking Alongside-ness:

We are growing increasingly attentive to the factors that help a congregation’s leadership culture move from mere enlistment to mindful investment. Join us as we discuss what we are learning about how the practice of walking alongside-ness becomes fundamental for adult leadership formation. With Randy Reese, Pam Edwards and Rob Loane (recorded February 20, 2014).


Demystifying Spiritual Mentoring

What often keeps us from those one-on-one relationships in which we seek to help another in their growth toward Christlikeness is our tendency to idolize or over-complicate the relationship. Spiritual mentoring is not a ministry for specialists or experts; it belongs to the priesthood of all believers. Listen in as we discuss this tendency and seek to simplify this wonderful opportunity we all have to walk alongside another as a spiritual friend or mentor on the journey. With Rob Loane, Brent Eliason and Randy Reese (Recorded November 19, 2013)


What’s New At VP3?

There are some exciting changes for VantagePoint3 for fall of 2013. Chief among these is the release of VP3’s new process entitled A Way of Life. We will also be re-titling The Emerging Journey to simply The Journey and offering a few modifications to the process. Hear some of the back-story of these developments as well as how these changes could strengthen your church’s approach to discipleship and leadership development. (Recorded February 7, 2013)


A Book Conversation: Deep Mentoring with Reese & Loane:

So much of what passes for leadership development today lacks interpersonal investment, life upon life. Simply telling others where they must go won’t cut it. The journey must be shared. Guiding requires a mentor’s heart. Join Randy and Rob as they discuss from their new book Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey (IVP, 2012) how Christian leadership formation requires a slow and deep work of walking alongside others, paying attention to the particulars of their story and development. (Recorded November 15, 2012)


Best Practices: Local Church Leadership Development:

What can we learn regarding the work of developing Christian leaders? A panel of leaders came together to share and swap stories and practices that they have found fruitful in their local church context. Our panelists were Beth Booram from Indianapolis IN; Pam Edwards from Waterloo IA; and Kent Priebe from Calgary AB. (Recorded May 2, 2012)


Discipleship: The Critical Need in Leadership Development Today:


Awash in all of today’s leadership tips and techniques and demands, we can lose sight of “the first order of business” in Christian leadership development: following Jesus. What does it look like to apprentice emerging leaders into a life of growing follower-ship of Jesus? And how can we keep the work of making disciples primary to our leadership development efforts? Join us for this conversation about the intersection of discipleship, spiritual formation and leadership development in our churches. (recorded February 2, 2012)


Crucibles: Times of Disorientation in a Leader’s Life:

What am I to do as a leader when life simply does not make sense? These seasons will come, and they often prove to be very trying, isolating, and confusing. But they can also be heightened times of learning in our lives and for our leadership. How are we to respond faithfully? There are ways we can learn to navigate such times. Join us to learn how. (recorded December 1, 2011)


Igniting Adult Believers: A Spiritual Mentoring Culture:

Jesus’ personal way with others always offers an alternative to our culture’s dominant ways of relating. He lived out his mission by forming and developing a learning community of disciples. He had many other options available to him, but he chose to live out his purposes by being with his followers, life upon life. What does that look like today? Developing others in Jesus’ name, amidst our relentlessly impersonal culture, requires that we intentionally prioritize nurturing a culture of meaningful relationships over the many other tasks of our church community. (recorded March 24, 2011)


Igniting Adult Believers: A Life Story Approach:

We live in a culture that tells us either “our story doesn’t really matter” or “our story is all that matters.” This can be profoundly confusing to our spiritual development today. A crucial way in which we can intentionally support and challenge adult believers to grow up into Christ is by prayerfully paying attention with them to their life stories. For only in the economy of God’s larger story do we discover that our stories matter immensely. (recorded February 10, 2011)


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