TAKE the Journey

Through of all of life’s activity, do you ever feel like you are just SKIMMING THE SURFACE?

Do you wonder if there is MORE to this life with Christ?

The Journey invites you to AWAKEN to God’s good work in and through you.

Take this meaningful walk with others that explores some of the biggest questions of your faith:

Who is God? Who am I? What does God desire to do through me?

  • Testimonial

    “The Journey is the best thing that has happened to my retirement years. Amazing what God calls us to do and the plans he has for us.”

  • Testimonial

    “I am more self-aware—especially of the things within myself that have been keeping me from being all God created me to be—and I am learning to step out in greater confidence.”

  • Testimonial

    “It creates a spiritual community. This community is so vital for spiritual growth. It is the closest thing that I have experienced to the church in Acts.”­

  • Testimonial

    “I have become more aware of God’s desire to use me, exactly how He made me, to perform a work and live a life that makes a difference in my world.”

  • Testimonial

    “Going through The Journey was like getting a new pair of eyeglasses and actually seeing the world for the first time. It’s a lot of studying and reading, but you come away with something truly amazing.”

How The Journey Works

The Journey group (often 6–12 people) usually meets weekly, guided by a trained facilitator. It is a commitment and the rewards can be significant.

  • Small group gatherings (two hours a week)
  • Meeting together for six to eight months
  • Regular study, reflection, Bible reading, and prayer (two to four hours a week)
  • A spiritual mentoring relationship with a mature believer (twice a month)

The group will walk through three stages of learning


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