The work of developing people cannot be solved with a quick one-size-fits-all program. It takes an investment.


“[Through The Journey] I have become more aware of God’s desire to use me, exactly how He made me, to … live a life that makes a difference in my world.”

Open Doors

“God puts things in your path—let’s call them doors—that we are invited to open. We have each always tried to open those doors.”


In 2010, Bill Van Dyke and Sylvia Kiel were invited to participate in a new intensive small group process at Sunnybrook Church in Sioux City, Iowa, called The Journey. Neither of them knew what to expect, but they both recall a clear sense that God was inviting them to “walk through a door.” And in faith, they did.


As the group finished up, participants were asked if they would like to facilitate their own Journey group the next year. “Another door,” recalls Sylvia. “My husband and I had always looked up to Bill and his wife,” shares Sylvia. “We didn’t use the word ‘mentor’ long ago, but that’s what they were to us. So when the invitation to facilitate a group unfolded, it was just natural that I wanted to lead with Bill.” And from Bill’s perspective, “There are points in life when I’ve just known that God was inviting me to serve,” says Bill. “And doing this with Sylvia was one of them.”


What neither of them saw coming was READ MORE…

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