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Leadership Development: What Matters Most?

Looking at Jesus' words and ways to help set the priorities for how we develop leaders.

What is the Lord stirring in you as it relates to leadership development?


Jesus lived out his mission by forming and developing a learning community of disciples. Among the many other options available to him, Jesus chose to be with his followers, life upon life. What does this mean for us today? How does Jesus’ “but not so with you” continue to set the priorities for how we develop leaders? And how can we actually help people grow into lives of greater compassion, integrity, wisdom, and service in Jesus’ name.


VP3’s Rob Loane and Pamela Edwards, add two friends to the table for this event. Marcy Milburn, Director of Discipleship at Newton Church of the Way, and Tom Rich, Executive Pastor at Central Church, will enhance and help guide our collaboration and learning.


Adult Learning: What Matters Most?

Have you ever led a small group, Bible study or discipleship gathering and thought to yourself, “how could I make this better?” This recording is for all adult leaders responsible for leading groups of any size, or for equipping others to lead. We encourage you to use this session as a “TRAINING AND EQUIPPING” resource for discussion among your team and to share with others. Reconsider how to best engage adults. Click here for the handout that is helpful with this session.

Jesus’ Way in a Social Distancing World

There are a lot of voices contributing to how to “be” during this disorienting season. Perhaps too many voices. Consider with us what it could look like as we explore Jesus’ hospitable, particularizing, deepening, and patient way with others – socially distanced.

Leading and Launching an Online Group

If you missed this discussion on June 4, here is the link for you to watch. We talk about how building friendships and trust within a new group can take time. Building this within an online group might seem next to impossible. You will gain insights and tips as well as answers to some of your questions before you launch your own online Bible study, small group, or VP3 group. Questions such as:


      • • Is it possible to create “community” in a virtual format?
      • • How do you cultivate conversation well?
      • • What are the biggest hurdles in a virtual format?
      • • What are the good surprises within an online group?


Click here to download the notes from this event.

Crucibles: Times of Disorientation in a Leader’s Life

What am I to do as a leader when life simply does not make sense? These seasons will come, and they often prove to be very trying, isolating, and confusing. But they can also be heightened times of learning in our lives and for our leadership. How are we to respond faithfully? There are ways we can learn to navigate such times.


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