Online Journey Group


Take your next step in faith…


We would always recommend an in-person Journey experience over a virtual experience. But if there is no group forming in your area, this online community may be the next right step in your spiritual growth.


For some of us, we are unsure and alone with questions of what books or Scriptures to read, or are fatigued by the promises of programs offering a quick-fix to deeper faith. We are longing for something more. The Journey provides a safe place and space to sort our life with Christ and others so we can begin living out what God desires us to be and do.


The Journey process seeks to bring together a small group (8-10) of adults seeking a life-changing community for spiritual growth.


Join us for this group starting Fall 2021. Click here for an overview of The Journey. Space is limited. Applications are required.

I've applied. What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed within two business days by a VP3 Team member who will contact you via email. Once approved, you then register below.

Cost: $750

*Registration is $150 plus $100 per month for the six months enrolled. Or full amount of $750 can be paid up front. Includes a full set of Journey materials. (Cost is $500 for those who already own the Journey materials.)

Next Group begins early November, 2021


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