A Way of Life

What is the NEXT STEP on your journey?

So you have said “yes” to Jesus. You’re in. You have been grabbed by Him. But how will you remain faithful to Him?  How do you set your feet on a path of really, truly following Jesus with your life? What relationships, spiritual practices, and habits will help you sustain a way of life faithful to Jesus your whole life? Building on the experience of The Journey, A Way of Life invites us (again in community with fellow travelers) to:

  1. a fuller understanding and practice of a life attentive to God,
  2. a deeper and more confident sense of God’s unique calling in our lives, and
  3. a way of structuring and ordering our lives toward a lifelong apprenticeship with Jesus.

Prerequisite: The Journey (formerly The Emerging Journey)

  • Testimonial

    “A Way of Life has shown me the necessity of community—I do not walk alone.”

  • Testimonial

    “An opportunity to refocus at a time of transition for me! A Way of Life has been a time of beginnings to find new directions to be on mission with Him!!”

  • Testimonial

    “I’ve seen tremendous growth in my ability to sense and respond to what God is up to in my life. I feel I have more clarity about who I am, how much God loves me, and what I am to do in response to that love.”

  • Testimonial

    “I have more clarity and confidence in my place in the world because of A Way of Life.”

  • Testimonial

    “Going through A Way of Life has helped provide the structure I needed to grow in my relationship with God.”


In a similar fashion to The Journey, the A Way of Life group (usually 6–12 people) meets together weekly, guided by a trained facilitator who encourages accountability, safe relationships, thoughtful reflection, honest conversation, and prayer.

  • Small group gatherings (two hours a week)
  • Walking together for six to eight months
  • Regular study, reflection, Bible reading, and prayer (two to four hours a week)
  • A spiritual mentoring relationship with a mature believer (twice a month)

The group will walk through three stages of learning:

A Way of Life Stage 1 Friendship with God
A Way of Life Stage 2 Community with Others
A Way of Life Stage 3 Mission on the Way



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