VP3 Pathway


I see The Journey serving as a kind of “greenhouse” for spiritual growth, where ideal conditions are provided for growth: supportive community, accountability to Bible reading and reflections, solid curriculum, mentoring, experiential learning, and an exploration of unique design. I have seen people embrace authentic community, find roles in the church and in the marketplace more in line with their God-given design, and respond affirmatively when invited into leadership positions.

Lyle Buyer, Senior Lead Team Pastor at McKernan Baptist Church in Edmonton, AB

While other curriculums may meet short-term needs, we have found the long and slow processes of VantagePoint3 to provide our people with the depth of content and relationship they are seeking.

Marilyn Miller, Director of Spiritual Formation, Faith Church in Dyer, IN

There is no question, from my chair, The VP3 Pathway continues to be the means by which hungry people here are tasting the kingdom in a way they hadn’t before. These processes are helping us help adults climb through barriers and discover who they are … there are just breakthroughs happening in each person … connectedness, sharing, redefining what community in Christ really is. It’s been so rich.

Mike Lueken, Senior Pastor Oak Hills Church in Folsom, CA

I have facilitated and introduced VP3 processes to countless congregations and individuals. I describe them as the most life-changing, impactful spiritual formation materials I’ve ever seen! They are simply beautiful, thoughtful, generous, and transformative. I have witnessed firsthand people receiving acceptance from God and grace from fellow Christians like never before. I am one of those people.

Beth Booram, Co-director of Fall Creek Abbey in Indianapolis, IN

VP3 provides the structure for great community and discipleship for a beginner to a long-term follower. What I have found out is this: VP3 helps to set the table. It’s a privilege for me to invite people and facilitate their growth!

Curt Patterson, Marketplace Facilitator in Cedar Falls, IA


Our ministry’s aim, specifically the VP3 Pathway, is to cultivate spiritually mature adults in a culture that values quick fixes and easy answers. Begin with The Journey; it provides a context and a space in your community for an extended conversation about God, ourselves, and where we fit in God’s kingdom work in the world.


The Journey

Exploring who God is, who we are, and what God desires to do through our lives. (22 sessions)


A Way of Life

Learning what it means to sustain a lifelong apprenticeship with Jesus.
(21 sessions)


Walking with Others

Learning to guide other adults toward a deeper maturity in Christ.
(21 sessions)


The VP3 Pathway begins with The Journey.

• Join us at our next What is The Journey? webinar to learn more and ask questions.

Download a sample to see, feel, and experience The Journey.

• Get equipped to lead a group by attending a Journey Facilitator Training Retreat.


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