Lead A Group

Are you ready to offer an intentional space for meaningful reflections and conversations? Our processes help adults fix their eyes on Jesus and discover how God is already up to something good in them, through them and around them.


The VP3 processes are an investment in the spiritual development and deepening of adults.

I felt on my way to training that I had a toolbox full of my abilities, my insights, my understandings, my capabilities and when I got to the training I realized that box was not very full… when I left I felt like I had a full box of the right stuff. I left feeling equipped.

–Dave Mason is a veteran Journey facilitator from Waterloo, IA.

Attending a facilitator training session will equip you to lead a group through our life-aligning and deepening processes.


We walk alongside you throughout your leading including proven steps to help you invite others to join, answering questions, and explaining the importance and best practices in leading key sessions.

The VP3 Pathway

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The Journey is the first step in the Pathway of processes, helping people better understand who God is, who they are, and what God desires to do through them.

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A Way of Life picks up where The Journey leaves off, helping people understand their mission in the world. (Prerequisite: The Journey)

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Walking with Others helps people learn to guide others to a deeper maturity in Christ. (Prerequisites: The Journey and A Way of Life)

If you previously trained – no matter how long ago – you are a candidate to come back to the same training table for a discounted rate of $100.

Online Journey Group for Individuals

Have you been hoping to experience The Journey, maybe before you lead a group? We may have just the opportunity for you!


We will be offering an online group for The Journey. This uniquely crafted experience will be led by VP3 facilitators.


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