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I felt on my way to training that I had a toolbox full of my abilities, my insights, my understandings, my capabilities and when I got to the training I realized that box was not very full… when I left I felt like I had a full box of the right stuff. I left feeling equipped.

–Dave Mason is a veteran Journey facilitator from Waterloo, IA.


We want you to succeed as a VP3 group facilitator! The purpose of our processes is the development of people, not the mastery of the material. So our trainings not only give you an overview of the process, but they prepare your heart and mind to walk with those in your group. But it doesn’t end there. We also provide you with a facilitator coach to walk with you throughout your process.


IN PERSON – Find the in person Facilitator Training Retreat that works for you!

ONLINE: We believe Facilitator Training is best in person; however, sometimes the challenges exceed what’s possible. With that in mind, we are offering a few online “express” Journey Facilitator Training options. Click on the buttons below to register for the date and time that works best for you. (Note: If you have previously attended Journey Facilitator Training at ANY time in the past, see the special alumni discount below.)

A WAY OF LIFE - $150*

To lead a group through A Way of Life, we offer several online Facilitator Trainings. (Prerequisite: completed The Journey process.)


To lead a group through Walking with Others, we offer several online Facilitator Trainings. (Prerequisite: completed The Journey and A Way of Life processes.)

* Materials for each process are in addition to the training cost.

If the training dates listed above are problematic for you, please contact the VP3 offices so we can work with you to get a Pathway group launched.

Registering two weeks prior to the retreat allows time for shipping of materials. A shipping fee may apply if registration is received within two weeks of retreat date and expedited shipping is needed.

If you have been previously trained as a VP3 Pathway Facilitator – no matter how long ago – you are a candidate to come back to the training table for a discounted rate of $100.


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