Lead A Group

It's good to be together...

We continue to equip anyone, anywhere, anytime to lead a VantagePoint3 process.

We are here to help you help your adults who are longing for something more in a deeper discipleship and leadership development experience.


As each of you assess and navigate what gathering looks like in the weeks and months ahead, we invite you to join in on the conversation around facilitating groups.


What we know, is that adults ARE looking for deeper spaces and places to pursue life with God and others. In fact, they may be looking for it more passionately and expectantly than ever before.


By being prepared to lead a VP3 process, you can develop and help adults move beyond their first steps in faith. Attend one of our online trainings (see below).

What's New?


Our goal is to help you prepare adults to discover more deeply who God is and who they are so they can begin to live out what God desires them to be and do. We do this by preparing you to lead and participate in VantagePoint3 processes.

The VP3 Processes

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The Journey is the first step in the Pathway of processes, helping people better understand who God is, who they are, and what God desires to do through them.

AWOL icon

A Way of Life picks up where The Journey leaves off, helping people understand their mission in the world. (Prerequisite: The Journey)

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Walking with Others helps people learn to guide others to a deeper maturity in Christ. (Prerequisites: The Journey and A Way of Life)

Leading and Launching an Online Group

If you are considering leading an online group, we encourage you to watch this recent conversation about best practices for doing so. We talk about how building friendships and trust within a new group can take time. Building this within an online group might seem next to impossible. You will gain insights and tips as well as answers to some of your questions before you launch your own online Bible study, small group, or VP3 group.

If you have been previously trained as a VP3 Pathway Facilitator – no matter how long ago – you are a candidate to come back to the training table for a discounted rate of $100.

Online Groups for Individuals

Have you been hoping to experience The Journey or A Way of Life, maybe before you lead a group? We may have just the opportunity for you!


We will be offering online groups for both The Journey and A Way of Life. These uniquely crafted experiences will be led by VP3 facilitators.


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