Journey Facilitator Formation Retreat

Join us for a facilitator formation retreat...

Whether you are looking to lead a group through The Journey for your very first time or your fifth time, join Pam Edwards and Rob Loane as they invite you to take a deeper dive into the lifelong dynamics of developing adults in Christ.

Be challenged. Be refreshed. Be equipped. Discover where the Spirit might be whispering to you. Prepare your heart and mind to walk with a group of adults through The Journey.

This retreat, along with the veteran facilitators in attendance, will provide a collaborative setting that will ignite all of us for greater Kingdom life and influence.

Faith Church
Dyer, IN

August 18-19, 2022

How is this facilitator training different?

More time. More space. An intentional focus on your spiritual formation.

Deeper dives into adult learning, leadership development, and spiritual formation as foundations for leading The Journey, as well as other adult formational gatherings for which you are responsible.

Veteran VP3 facilitators will be participating to enrich the conversation, learning, and challenge.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 – “Getting Perspective”
Morning (9:00 am)
• Welcome and Introductions
Where Are You? 
• A Developmental Perspective
• Deep Change Experiences
• Identification and Invitation (“the hard work of holiness”)
Evening (ends at 7:30 pm)
• Applications to Your Context
Day 2 – “Setting the table”
Morning (8:30 am)
• Engaging Adults
• A Storied Approach
Afternoon (ends at 4:00 pm)
• The Gifts of a Mentoring Environment
What has become clear?
• Declarations and Prayer

Cost: $250


Register by August 31, 2022 to receive a FREE set of The Journey materials with your Facilitator Training registration!

FACILITATOR ALUMNI RATE: $100 (click here to get your discount code. Using this code does NOT include a free set of materials.)

Please secure your own lodging, if needed.

We hope to see you there!



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