KAIROS and The Journey

KAIROS Christian Spirituality Outcome: THE JOURNEY

THE JOURNEY is pre-adapted to fit Christian Spirituality Outcome so students do not need to adapt targets to fit this outcome. The Journey provides a dialogue education experience integrated with a discipleship development pathway that students report provides a positive foundation for the full KAIROS investment in learning, life, and friendships. Please discuss this with your mentor team so they are aware of your intention to fulfill Christian Spirituality Outcome through VP3: The Journey.


Participants will have read The Journey and the resource books prior to each respective ZOOM meeting and prepared insights from The Journey reading and Scripture.  Allow yourself time to pray, read and reflect prior to our Zoom meetings.

This cohort will begin JANUARY 18, 2024. Classes are from 1:00-2:45 pm Central Time. See full schedule below.

Robert Loane, Kairos Faculty Affiliate and VantagePoint3 President, will lead The Journey cohort.

The cost for materials and the class together is $395. A payment option is available at check out.

If you have questions or would like to talk more about using The Journey to fit Christian Spirituality [aka Outcome 1], contact Rob Loane or your mentor team.


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