The Journey-Stage 3 Full Set

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Stage 3: Relational Foundations will explore Jesus’ invitation to spiritual community and to kingdom contribution within God’s shaping work in our lives. Our hope is to provide space in which we can ask together (1) Who are we truly walking with? and (2) Where is God inviting us to join in and contribute out of who we are? We will prayerfully reflect upon our current sense of God’s calling in light of the discoveries made throughout The Journey. Careful attention will be paid to what we need next in our own development as Jesus-followers and leaders. (Seven sessions)


The Journey Stage 3 process includes:

  • Stage 3: Relational Foundations
  • In The Name of Jesus
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 (with the StrengthsFinder assessment)


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This is the final stage in The Journey process.

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