Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos

Periodically groups who have been impacted by the VP3 Pathway, record their experience and share them with us. Click on the picture to play the video, click on the links below the image to download the video.

A great promotional video that walks through the purpose of The Journey and the impact participating in the process can have in our lives.

Listen to the Spirit’s impact on Sheryl’s life as she went through The Journey (Grace Community Church, Detroit, Michigan)

President/Founder Randy Reese shares what inspired VantagePoint3, the vision of VP³, and why we are passionately committed to the good work of fostering depth and igniting faithful service in God’s people in partnership with the local church.

These are promotional videos produced by White River Christian Church in Noblesville, IN. They produced these 2 videos as a way to encourage the members of their church family to participate in The Journey. They are a combination of personal testimonies of participants and the testimony of the impact of The Journey on the church family from the church leadership.

Produced at Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna, BC.

Produced by Faith Church in Dyer, IN.

Hear from a pastor about how participating in VantagePoint3 processes has affected the culture of his church family.

Hear about the impact on a couple’s marriage and mission while participating in The Journey together.

Sharing the impact participating in The Journey has had on their lives…


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