What Matters Most? Webinar Series

Adult Learning: What Matters Most?

Have you ever led a small group, Bible study or discipleship gathering and thought to yourself, “how could I make this better?” This recording is for all adult leaders responsible for leading groups of any size, or for equipping others to lead. We encourage you to use this session as a “TRAINING AND EQUIPPING” resource for discussion among your team and to share with others. Reconsider how to best engage adults. Click here for the handout that is helpful with this session.

Leadership Development: What Matters Most?

A look at Jesus’ words and ways to help set the priorities for how we develop leaders. Jesus lived out his mission by forming and developing a learning community of disciples. Among the many other options available to him, Jesus chose to be with his followers, life upon life. What does this mean for us today? How does Jesus’ “but not so with you” continue to set the priorities for how we develop leaders? And how can we actually help people grow into lives of greater compassion, integrity, wisdom, and service in Jesus’ name. Click here for the handout for this session as well as here for some additional resources we feel will be helpful.

Spiritual Formation: What Matters Most?

Coming soon!

Mark your calendar for February 17, 2021 from noon – 1:30 pm Central time. Watch your emails for your opportunity to register.


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