A September Prayer

Written by on September 2, 2022

My soul has become a huge warehouse
where day after day the trucks unload their crates without any plan or discrimination,
to be piled helter-skelter in every available corner and cranny, until it is crammed full from top to bottom with the trite, the commonplace, the insignificant, the routine….

I now see clearly that,
if there is any path at all on which I can approach You, it must lead through the middle of my ordinary daily life….

I must learn to have both every day and Your Day
in the same exercise.
In devoting myself to the works of this world,
I must learn to give myself to You,
to possess You, the one and only thing, in everything …

in You, all that has been scattered is re-united;
in Your Love all the diffusion of the day’s chores comes home again to the evening of Your unity.

Karl Rahner (1904–1984)

“God of My Daily Routine”*


Reflect and Respond:

  • What of Rahner’s prayer resonates with your current experience?
  • Where are you needing to notice the Spirit’s work in your everyday, ordinary, and many times crowded life?


* Karl Rahner, “God of My Daily Routine” in Encounters with Silence (London, Sands & Co, 1960), 45-52. 


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