ALUMNI of Facilitator Trainings

If you have been previously trained as a VP3 Pathway Facilitator – no matter how long ago – you are a candidate to come back to the training table for a discounted rate of $100.*


*This offer is available ONLY for processes in which you have previously been trained. If you have been through all of the VP3 processes (The Journey, A Way of Life, and Walking with Others) you are considered ‘trained’ to lead a group. Therefore, this discount also applies to you.

"The more I went [to training] the more I felt I needed to go. There was always something new to learn." Ron, leader in CA

WHY come back to training?

To experience how adults learn best, which will encourage and inspire you

To hear much more of what's "under the hood" in the VP3 processes

To share experiences with other like-minded Christ-followers

To think deeply about helping adults grow in Christ, igniting God’s best in you over time

WHAT is included?

Facilitator Training

Facilitator Guide and Session Planner for the process

Ongoing training and coaching throughout the rest of your process year

HOW do I sign up for $100?

To get the discounted price, you will need to put in a coupon code when you register.


• Use code PATHWAY1 for The Journey Facilitator Training.

• Use code PATHWAY2 for A Way of Life or Walking with Others Facilitator Trainings.


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