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Today Brian Steenhoek and I facilitated a webinar called, “Discipleship:  The Critical Need in Leadership Development Today.”  It seemed to scratch an itch from the responses of those who attended.  We thought we would offer you a condensed version of some of our notes here.  


January 27, 2012

Power and Friendship

I recently bumped into a few friends that made me wonder about the relationship between power and friendship.  Here’s the deal…


January 13, 2012

Invitations To Die

To be honest, a theme I’ve noticed in my own walk lately has been dying.  Now, although it sounds silly, I must confess that even letting you in on this will make me wonder if I’ve just entered my final days…a peculiar sort of superstition.  But I have heard stories of people who said, “I’m […]


December 22, 2011

A Gift

We recently had a VP3 staff team day, complete with Christmas party.  One of the things we did was share stories about the people we have encountered this past year through the ministry of VP3…people who have been gifts to us.  They have given to us the gift of knowing a little more of their […]


This morning VantagePoint3 hosted a webinar called, “Crucibles:  Times of Disorientation in a Leader’s Life.”  Brian, Rob and I tried to unpack why such times can become heightened times of learning in our formation.  If we have eyes to see and a heart to walk alongside another, such times snap us to attention.  It is then […]


November 11, 2011

Changing a Culture

There seems to be a good bit of talk these days about “changing the culture.”  What I bump into is the application of this concern toward a local church community.  It is a good concern from what I hear, and what I notice in my own collection of concerns.  In a recent conversation with a […]



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