What Matters Most?

A couple of weeks back we hosted a What Matters Most conversation on the topic of Life Transitions. This was the fifth in a series we have been hosting since last summer, centered around the craft of helping adults grow up into Christ in every way. We are so thankful for our special guests Scott [...]


  God is certainly up to something good in this world, in our communities, and in our lives, but any Christian who seeks to align his or her life with this reality must not be naïve to the difficulty of the journey. Storms and setbacks will come. Jobs are lost, friends suffer, children rebel, depression, [...]


The highlight of our week around VantagePoint3 was Wednesday’s online conversation, Spiritual Formation: What Matters Most? Dr. Keith Anderson joined Pam Edwards and me as we explored, along with 90+ other friends, the topic of the Spirit’s forming work in our lives and our communities. In preparation for this time I asked Keith for five recommendations […]



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