Partnering with VP3

Since early October we have sought to gather a like-minded network of friends to pause, pay attention, and pray. The 210 Pause. At 2:10 PM each day an alarm chimes on my phone reminding me to turn my attention toward the Lord, to engage in this practice of prayer. I pause and pay attention and pray […]


This year we celebrate 20 years of ministry at VantagePoint3. Hard to believe. 20 years of helping people get a better vantage point on these three questions:  Who is God?  Who am I?  What am I to do with my life?  There is so much for which we as a ministry need to celebrate and […]


I’m on the other side of the marathon I ran in Winnipeg, Manitoba June 19th, healed up and oddly enough wondering when I could do the next one.   Some have asked, “Why run a marathon in Winnipeg?” It was my birth-place and it fit my schedule. To be honest I was hoping it was […]



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