The word kairos means a moment in time.  It holds a different meaning than chronos, which is how we typically think of time in terms of a sequence of seconds, minutes and hours ticking along.  Kairos has more to do with a right opportunity, or a ripe season, or the progression of something toward a perfect moment in time or even striking the right moment.  This week five amazing people from the VantagePoint3 tribe came together to begin a timely learning opportunity for their continued growth as leaders.  They are part of a creative cohort approach to seminary education sponsored by Sioux Falls Seminary called The Kairos Project.



Although Rick, Keith, Jody, Doug and Brandon are all very unique characters, there is a certain “sameness” about them.


  • They are tenacious about their followership to Jesus.
  • They are capable and gifted leaders.
  • They care deeply about investing in others.
  • They carry amazing amounts of responsibility within their respective settings.
  • They have significant life accomplishments already under their belts.
  • They take seriously the importance of continuing to learn.


Although all of the above points are impressive, it’s the last one that seems to grab me at the moment.  Having an inside scoop to each of their lives and contexts, I can tell you any one of them has plenty of reason why they shouldn’t take the time to invest in the patient work of learning…at a Master’s level no less.


I just got to say how proud I am of these five friends.  And I must confess, since our VP3 offices are within the same Seminary building, I’ve snuck upstairs about five times in the past two days to walk past their class room as a strange sort of prayerful gesture of cheering them on.


Brother Bobby Clinton used to say one of the signs of a leader who will finished well is that they maintained a learning posture throughout life.  Rick, Keith, Jody, Doug and Brandon are well on their way toward finishing well.  Not because they entered this particular Kairos program, but because they desire to steward well their response to the good work God has been up to within each of their lives. 


  • Where in your life are you being invited to continue learning? 
  • What could a new season of learning look like for you?
  • What needs to happen in order for you to strike the right moment for what you are being prompted to do?

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