VP3 Online Journey Groups

Are you looking for a way to experience The Journey?

We have two options for Fall, 2021.

Accelerated Online Journey Group

For leaders seeking to preview the process.

• Meets every other week for 90 minutes

• Covers 2 sessions per gathering

• Led by Dr. Pam Edwards

• Meeting on Thursday afternoons

Online Journey Group

When there is no group forming in your area and you are ready for the next step in your faith.

• Meets every week for 90 minutes

• Covers 1 session per gathering

• Led by an experienced VP3 team facilitator

• Probable time frame: Weekday, 5-6:30pm CT

The Journey has ROCKED my world! I can’t say enough about what it has done with building my relationship [with God] and giving me the courage to hear and say yes to the Holy Spirit.  Paul, Fullerton CA


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