The Journey FAQ

Is it the right time to begin something like The Journey?

If you have a growing number of adult believers expressing a “longing for something more” in their learning as a disciple of Christ, or if you have a concern for how you are investing in the spiritual maturing of your leadership, or if you long to see your adult believers deepened and empowered toward an Ephesians 2:10 way of life, then it may be the right time to begin The Journey.

Who should go through The Journey?

Someone who may be serving in a leadership position, or someone who may have the potential to serve in a leadership position, but especially someone for whom you know God is up to something in his or her life and it is time for them to take a significant step in their followership.

How many people should I think about taking through The Journey?

Typically, eight to ten people make up a Journey group. It is common to have multiple Journey groups functioning in a church. The most effective groups tend to be made up of men and women, young and old, experienced and inexperienced in the work of leadership.

What do I do next?

Sometimes it is helpful to call our office to talk through specific dynamics related to your setting (605-362-1165).

Generally, the next step is to register yourself and/or others to attend a Facilitator Training Retreat nearest you. Then you and other potential facilitators will want to prayerfully consider who from your community could become a part of your Journey groups.


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