What is my legacy?

Written by on October 1, 2015

William Tyndale (1494 – 1536)

     Things were very different just 500 years ago. The Bible was available in Latin – ordinary people like you and me did not have access to the Scriptures.


     That didn’t seem right to William Tyndale. We all recognize his name – the man who defied the King of England to translate the Scriptures into English. His efforts changed England and changed the world.


     But do you recognize the name Humphrey Monmouth? I didn’t until I recently read the book, “Gospel Patrons,” by John Rinehart.


     Monmouth supported William Tyndale – his life and his work – and his zeal to get the Bible into the hands of people like you and me. The activities of Monmouth and Tyndale were illegal and eventually both were imprisoned. Tyndale was hanged and burned at the stake. God used their passion and sacrifice to change the course of history and the Church. Today, we can thank these two faithful visionary men every time we open our Bibles.


     Think about the life change God brought about through your time in The Journey. What if that “change” was replicated in even more lives and churches across North America? What if more church attenders became even more dedicated followers of Jesus, considering first His way instead of our own? What could be the strength of God’s Church in Canada and the US if that happened?

     God gave Randy Reese a vision on a California highway in 1996, a vision to follow in the footsteps of individuals who brought depth and renewal to the Church by paying careful attention to the development of others. Randy’s heart was grabbed by the words of Ephesians 2:10, “For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works which he prepared beforehand to be our way of life.”


     “He prepared beforehand to be our way of life?” As I type these words, I look inward, is it really my “way of life?”


     We are at an interesting time in history. Our culture is changing at lightning speed. But what about the Church? Are we ready? Is our relationship with Jesus intimate? Do we know ourselves well enough to survive, even thrive in these changing times?


     I challenge you today to think about this with me. As I think about the legacy left by Humphrey Monmouth, I think about my own legacy. When I die, what will be said of me? Will I be known for my accomplishments, my stuff? Where did I put my treasures? Did I help change “my world?”

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