What We Are Learning About Adult Development

Written by on March 5, 2015

I spent a portion of this morning listening to and learning from a recent VantagePoint3 webinar I missed — so much to chew on and savor. 


Brent, Pam, and Randy had a conversation last Wednesday around the topic: “What We Are Learning About Adult Development.” For over sixteen years of working with more than two hundred-sixty churches from twenty-three denominations, we have discovered a good bit about how adults develop and mature. Most recently we received input from over fifty leaders “in the field” who have been utilizing our processes with adults in their congregations for anywhere from four to thirteen years.  We are finding great insights, encouragements, and challenges amidst all the data of our research.


In this webinar, Pam and Randy and Brent synthesize what we have been learning from our experience and our research. If you at all care about the growth of adults and communities (Ephesians 4:14-15), then you are going to find this webinar beneficial. Here is the webinar recording link to listen in – “What We Are Learning About Adult Development”


 By way of a sneak peek here are the seven points they discuss:

1. Shape the person and you stand a much greater chance of shaping everything else.

2. The deepening and empowering of others requires a ministry of paying attention.

3. The chief leadership development need in the church today is discipleship.

4. Cultivating a Kingdom mindset requires an integrated approach.

5. Igniting a grassroots way toward change and renewal is possible.

6. A Pathway can be helpful to guide the work of adult formation.

7. Conditions can be cultivated in order for churches to become places of learning.


Here are a few quotes that are lingering with me:

 “There is simply no way around a deep investment in individuals if you are hoping for change in your church.”

“Shaping the person is an inside-out work … and it takes time.”

“There is a  difference between leadership training and leadership development.”

“Great question to begin a deeper conversation with an adult: What life transition do you currently find yourself going through?”

“Renewal is God’s business; participating in it is our business.”

“We are such culprits of jamming too much in with adults … everything becomes squeezed … we simply do not provide adequate space for welcome, sincere questions…for learning.”

“What we provide at VantagePoint3 is a sort of pathway for adult development in a local church.”

“Churches must rigorously assess their existing structures and processes to determine if they provide the most effective means of making disciples.”


Take the time and listen in to this sixty-minute webinar. Blessings with all that God is up to in your midst…

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