30 Days of Mentoring

Written by on January 30, 2023

“The language of telling people what to think and what to do dominates most leadership paradigms in the church, with very little, if any, mentoring attention given to the actual details of being a Christian in the home and workplace.” – Eugene Peterson


One of the things our VP3 team has been paying particular attention to over the past few years has been mentoring. Our deep conviction is that a “mentoring attention” is required if leaders are going to help men and women grow up into Christ in every way (Eph 4:15). The gospel plays out best in relationships. 

A Mentoring Guide: Christ. Conversation. Companionship, the website amentoringway.org , as well as mentoring workshops and seminars, and our most recent course “Spiritual Mentoring: Recovering A Leadership of Companionship” have all been expressions of our belief that the quality of our relationships significantly shapes our ongoing growth and maturity in Christ.

This mentoring effort continues with the launch of 30 DAYS OF MENTORING!

Each day you can expect an email with a quick one-to-three-minute read that will include quotes, short videos, guidance, and encouragement. We are excited to share with you sections from our mentoring guide as well as introduce you to others whose voices encourage us in our mentoring way work.

If you want to mentor, are already a mentor, or are just curious about the purpose and power of mentoring, then these 30 days are exactly what you need.

Take the next 30 days and discover along with us how the gospel plays out best in relationships. 



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