A February Prayer

Written by on February 1, 2022

God, giver of life

you alone know

how our life can actually succeed.

Teach us in the silence of your presence

to reverence this mystery:

how in the encounter with you,

how under your gaze and in your word

we recognize ourselves

as your image and likeness.

Show us how to let go

of whatever hinders us

from meeting you,

from letting ourselves be touched by your Word.

Help us to welcome and accept

whatever in us yearns to come alive

in the image and likeness

you have dreamed for us

today and every day

for ever and ever.*


-Peter van Breeman


Reflect and Pray:

  • Read prayerfully aloud three times through–What phrase or phrases are capturing your attention?
  • What are the things that are currently hindering you from meeting the Lord? Convert your thoughts into a written prayer…

*Peter van Breemen, The God Who Won’t Let Go (Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 2001), 19.  A portion of this prayer can be found in The Journey Stage 2: Personal Foundations, page 17.


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