A group of fellow travelers

Written by on January 23, 2019

A couple years ago now I pinned a poem to a wall in my office. It was sent from a woman named Kennette who was facilitating a group through The Journey and then A Way of Life. Her words remind me often of what is possible when a group of adults commit to having an extended conversation about God, themselves, and where they fit into God’s kingdom work in the world.

Friendship is certainly the hidden curriculum in The Journey, both friendship with one another and friendship with God. Strangers become friends and discover together God’s Spirit calling them out of hiding into the freedom of his grace and truth.

Here is Kennette’s poem “The Journey”:


The Journey


We came together

our voices familiar,

our faces friends,

but our souls were still strangers.


We came together,

each invited on a journey

to seek the sound      

of our own heart beat;

An invitation to hear God call us

out of hiding.


We came together,

allowing otherness

to become community;

uncertainty to become trust



we walk beside each other

As we prayerfully respond

To the person we are free to be


We came together,

called to share a journey

in weakness—in strength

And as I travelled into your life

You brought me back, more fully,

into my own.



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