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Written by on August 5, 2011

I have come across a number of people this summer who will be facilitating an Emerging Journey group in the fall. Many of these men and women have just finished going through the process in their church and, because of its significance in their life, they signed up to be a facilitator of a group for the fall. It is quite an honor to share in their journeys in a small way and hear of the ways God’s Spirit has gotten their attention over the past year. So many different stories are expressed…all reflecting a hunger to live more faithfully and truthfully in Jesus name. My attention was grabbed this morning by one such person who put some of her experiences down in writing earlier in June. In particular it was her question from last fall that grabbed me. She asked herself:

“Isn’t there more to living than this–this busy, overcommitted, over scheduled, relationships-on-the-backburner kind of life?”

In her blog entry “Bigger Picture Moment: Depth” she unpacks some of her journey through The Emerging Journeylast fall and spring. I have included the link to this entry. I would highly encourage you to give it a read and forward it on to those in your context who are also really wrestling with whether to take the leap and go through the Emerging Journey this fall. Blessings on the journey…Here’s the link:

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