One definition of the word “catalyst” is “a stimulus to change.”


What happens when someone becomes a catalyst for any type of change? Maybe you’re the catalyst in your home for a change to healthier eating. Or maybe you’re the catalyst in your church for a move toward more intentional discipleship.


I recently made a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana where I met with pastors, facilitators, and financial partners of VantagePoint3. Quickly I found a common denominator in what I was hearing. One name, Beth Booram. Almost all of the people I met had been pointed to VP3 through the influence of this one woman who believes in the impact God is making on lives. 


Beth went online, then emailed the VP3 office and requested some materials. “I was so thrilled with what they sent me to read,” she says. “The questions, sidebars, open space to write and the biblical reflections were so rich and inviting.” She got in touch with Randy Reese and they had an hour-long conversation. Within their talk, Randy shared with Beth that “conversation creates culture,” and a friendship was launched!


After doing her homework, Beth realized this was a resource she could endorse. Serving on a church staff at the time, Beth advocated to make The Journey available. “There was resistance at first,” Beth remembers, “but we saw God work in profound ways.” That church continues to use the VP3 processes in their overall plan for spiritual growth.


As an author and spiritual director, Beth is very tied to the church community in Indianapolis. As she meets with friends who are seeking more depth in their spiritual lives, she recommends The Journey. As she meets with pastors who are looking to bring spiritual transformation to their congregations, she suggests they check out VP3. Because she witnessed the way God uses the processes, Beth became a catalyst for change in her setting.


What difference can one person make? Today, many churches in the Indianapolis area are seeing results as their adults grow deeper in their faith through the VP3 processes. VantagePoint3 considers Beth Booram a dear friend of the ministry.


Beth’s next book, Starting Something New: Spiritual Direction for Your God-Given Dream will be available in April. Our president
 and founder, Randy Reese, says this about Beth’s book:


“God is up to something good in our lives, requiring a prayerful work of paying attention. Starting Something New is
a timely resource for those seeking discernment and guidance for the secret stirring within that just won’t go away. Beth Booram offers both inspiration and wisdom through her own story and the stories of those who trusted the Spirit’s stirring to follow after their own God-given dreams. Whether you are seeking direction or providing it for others, Starting Something New will help set people on a path they were meant to follow after.”

In her book she talks about her intersection with VantagePoint3 and Randy Reese, and she shares some of the story behind the ministry.


After meeting this wise and soft-spoken woman, I wondered what kind of catalyst my life is offering to my setting. What is my God-given dream and how is that playing out? I need to read Beth’s book.


Starting Something New will be available April 6, 2015, and it can be pre-ordered today through Amazon – and if you use AmazonSmile, a portion of your cost can be donated to VP3

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