Illogical place…Illogical time…

Written by on March 20, 2014


This past Sunday our pastor’s message was on the story of Jesus and the woman at the well from John 4.  What is resonating in me this week as we head into the Easter season is…why did Jesus stop at that well and have the disciples continue on into town to buy food?


What was Jesus’ real reason for stopping THERE of all places.  John 4:6 says, ” Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon.”  I get it…yes Jesus was tired from the journey.  I’m sure the disciples were too.  But, if you are tired from a long, hot journey in the desert, why would you stop to rest by a 100 foot deep well (without any way to draw up the water) in the midday heat?  When I’m tired from a long, hot journey, I don’t stop THERE.  It’s almost more like torture to be that close to water without the ability to refresh yourself with it.  I find a shady, cool place where I can actually get a drink to cool and rejuvenate myself.


Obviously, I am not Jesus!  However, Jesus’ actions are not even remotely logical…NOBODY goes to the 100 foot deep well, outside of town, in the middle of the noonday heat of a sun scorched day!


Nobody except that Samaritan woman.


Why did Jesus do such an illogical thing?


Jesus took a break in an illogical place at an illogical time for the reason of THAT woman.  According to Jewish tradition, Jesus should not have been anywhere near that place!

But he was. 

Illogical place…illogical time…


Jesus is our ultimate example of how to live our lives.  We can never live up to his standard, but we can learn from him and progress in that direction.  Jesus had the perfect relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  I’m sure he heard the whispers of the Spirit as he was being called to live out his purpose.  THAT woman needed to be met at THAT place and time.  I can’t help but think that the Holy Spirit led Jesus to that place for her.  So, unlike Jonah, Jesus obeyed.  He went into a land avoided by Jews to meet this Samaritan woman to give her “living water” that “will become…a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”


Jesus’ life is my example.  Although I will never live up to his example, I am reminded, in the midst of the “busy-ness” of this life and a “plate” too full with 3 active children, VP3 promotion and recruitment, church Easter season, seminary classes, ordination expectations and requirements…


I need to take a break in an unlikely place, in the “busy-ness” of my schedule, because the Spirit is whispering…


I was recently told the story of the man and the pickup truck that God used to “catch” Billy Graham.  I don’t know his name or what kind of truck it was, but I know who Billy Graham is…


Who knows what became of that Samaritan woman?  Who knows what, if any, Kingdom impact came from that encounter?  As far as I know, that is the last historical record of that woman.  Not many people probably know what ever happened to that guy with the pretty cool pickup truck either…but the world is a changed place because his changed life helped change Billy Graham’s.


To be honest, this did not end up the way I originally intended.  My original thought was to tie this story in to my role in “promotion and recruitment” and communicate all the great things on the horizon here at VantagePoint3.  However, as I sat to write and reflect, that was not where I was led.  …(listen & obey)…



So, I will leave it at this…

God is calling us, as his broader congregation, to join in something great.  We at VP3 would love to join with you in investing  in the growth of the adult believers in your congregation, your community, and God’s entire church family!


Blessings on you as you walk with those you serve!



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