Our Peculiar Time (2)

Written by on November 23, 2017

Earlier in the month I shared a few of my notes from a recent presentation to a group of pastors and lay leaders from the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Here is the recording of that 8-9 minute presentation. I was grateful to get the opportunity to share some of the deep concerns that undergird our ministry, in general, and our VP3 Pathway of processes, in particular.

Here is the Eugene Peterson quote I mention in the presentation. 

The language of telling people what to think and what to do dominates most leadership paradigms in the church, with very little, if any, mentoring attention given to the actual details of being a Christian in the home and workplace.

There are, however, serious efforts being made up and down the line to “re-dig the wells the Philistines have filled” and to recover a leadership of companionship and a spirituality of relationship. They are making a difference.


Eugene Peterson, “Foreword” to Reese and Loane, Deep Mentoring: Guiding Those on Their Leadership Journey (IVP Books, 2012) 




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