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Today Brian Steenhoek and I facilitated a webinar called, “Discipleship:  The Critical Need in Leadership Development Today.”  It seemed to scratch an itch from the responses of those who attended.  We thought we would offer you a condensed version of some of our notes here.  


January 27, 2012

Power and Friendship

I recently bumped into a few friends that made me wonder about the relationship between power and friendship.  Here’s the deal…


Sometimes we encounter experts who have fancy credentials, smacky degrees, and weighty job descriptions.  They can give us advice because they have noticed how certain things, processes or situations can be different–hopefully better.  This past weekend at our Banff Enriching retreat I encountered 18 experts…not because they had the credentials, degrees or job descriptions to […]


I was doing some reading this afternoon and I came across a story that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. So I thought I would share it with you and let it do some stirring in your mind and heart. There once was an old monk, wise and holy, who lived in a […]


Jesus’ personal way with others always offers an alternative to our culture’s dominant ways of relating. He lived out his mission by forming and developing a learning community of disciples. He had many other options available to him, but he chose to live out his purposes by being with his followers, life upon life. What […]



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