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Written by on February 16, 2011

We just wanted to drop an announcement or reminder of our upcoming Facilitator Training Retreats for 2011-12. In order to implement The Emerging Journey, one or more people from a local church or organization attend one of our Facilitator Training Retreats. It is one of our absolutely favorite things we do each year. A wonderful collection of…  …pastors, staff, and key lay people come together in a peer-learning environment to be prepared to facilitate this journey of discovery, depth, and service.  Following are the dates and locations for the Training Retreats this year. Facilitator Training Retreats consist of two blocks of training:

  • Block A– Launching the group process and facilitating Stages 1 & 2

June 2-4, 2011: Kelowna BC June 6-8, 2011:  Calgary AB June 6-8, 2011: Grand Rapids MI June 13-15, 2011:  Chicago IL area June 17-18, 2011:  Fullerton CA August 1-3, 2011:  Sioux Falls SD

  • Block B– How is your group going? Facilitating Stages 3 & 4

January 6-7, 2012;  Calgary AB January 6-7, 2012: Grand Rapids MI January 9-10, 2012: Kelowna BC January 9-10, 2012: Fullerton CA January 16-17, 2012: Chicago IL area January 20-21, 2012:  Sioux Falls SD  These are the things we do during each Facilitator Training Retreat:

  • We invite facilitators to reflect together upon the current challenges and opportunities of developing Jesus’ followers in their setting.
  • We orient facilitators to the larger Kingdom-orientation of The Emerging Journey.
  • We equip facilitators to launch The Emerging Journeyin their church or organization by covering elements of inviting and recruiting others into the process, facilitating weekly group sessions, ordering materials and other logistical considerations.
  • We invite facilitators to reflect upon their own spiritual development as followers and leaders.

Hope some of you can join us…

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