We deepen our Christian life for more than our private edification. We grow to help others grow. The one who learns becomes one who helps others learn, in a beautiful reciprocal relationship.

Timothy Jones


Walking with Others is for those who share the Apostle Paul’s deep concern – helping others grow up in every way…into Christ (Ephesians 4:15). You will be challenged to take a next step in your development – learning to guide other adults toward a deeper maturity in Christ. 


As you discover throughout The Journey and A Way of Life, you have a unique mix of experiences, gifts, talents, strengths, personality, education, history, and character. The Spirit has been graciously crafting you into a shape fitting for the body’s functioning and flourishing (Romans 8:3-12). Your life is not your own; it is a gift you offer to others and to the Lord. How then is this gift of your unique life to become a gift for others?


Walking with Others will invite you to:

          • Understand more deeply that God is a developmental God and we are his developmental people.

          • Become a developer of others.

          • Pay attention to your lifelong apprenticeship with Jesus.

          • Embrace your role as a change agent in the world and in your community.

(Prerequisites: The Journey and A Way of Life)



In a similar fashion to The Journey and A Way of Life, your small group (usually 6-12 people) meets together weekly, guided by a trained facilitator who encourages accountability, safe relationships, thoughtful reflection, honest conversation, and prayer.

          • Small group gatherings (two hours a week)

          • Walking together for six to eight months

          • Regular study, reflection, Bible reading, and prayer (two to four hours a week)


The group will walk through three stages of learning:


Stage 1: A Place of Learning and Formation

How can we be a part of cultivating conditions for our community to become a place where men and women mature into persons of greater wisdom, integrity, compassion, giftedness, and service as apprentices of Jesus?


Stage 2: A Lifelong Perspective

Developing others in Jesus’ name requires that we adopt a lifelong and holistic perspective on each person’s maturity into Christ, learning to pay attention to developmental cues along the way.


Stage 3: A Leadership of Companionship

Beyond simply telling people how to live, we can provide a mentoring attention and presence in our contexts that actually helps others discover more deeply who God is, who they are, and what God wants them to be up to in their community and in the world.


Key elements:

Spiritual Friendship Triads: These groups are designed for participants to regularly dialogue and pray for one another around living the three rhythms of being Jesus’ apprentice: friendship with God, community with others, mission on the way.

Meditating upon Psalm 120-134 (The Songs of Ascent). Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction will be a companion piece for this.

Peer Facilitation of 50-75% of the sessions (individual or co-lead).


  • STAGE 1
  • STAGE 2
  • STAGE 3




Stage 1: A Place of Learning and Formation

Stage 2: A Lifelong Perspective

Stage 3: A Leadership of Companionship

Walking with Others at-a-Glance (PDF)



VantagePoint3 places a high value upon the preparation of those who facilitate our person-centered processes. In Walking with Others we offer an online only approach to facilitator training. Contact rob@vantagepoint3.org to discuss options.


Facilitator Training Package: $275
Walking with Others Process Materials: $225
Total Facilitator Cost: $500