The Journey has changed the way I think about my role as pastor.

I have a greater boldness about my mission and calling.”


In a recent coaching call with our Sioux Falls The Journey Facilitator Retreat crew, we heard great testimonies of the impact already being felt and seen within Journey groups across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.  At a point in the conversation when the facilitators were talking about how the process was impacting them, the above quote is how one of the pastors replied.


I took the opportunity to talk with that pastor and I asked him if he would be willing to answer a few questions and share about his experience implementing The Journey in his church for the first time…


1.  Could you share a bit about yourself?

My name is Barry Lang. I am a pastor at Bethel Reformed Church in Leota, MN. I had taken part in VP3 many years ago, and have now just started implementing it at Bethel this year.


2.  What first prompted you to connect with VP3 and begin implementing The Journey in your church?

Like I said. I took part in it at another church about 8 years ago. It was a very rewarding experience that caused spiritual growth in my life. I wanted to bring that same experience to the people I minister to now.


3.  What has surprised you in your first few weeks into facilitating The Journey?

It is a big commitment, and is outside of what many people have experienced before in their Christian walk. It really takes a lot of time. I have found that the participants are hungrier than I thought, and are more than willing to do the hard work than what I imagined.


4.  What impact has facilitating the process had on you, personally, as you are now finishing up Stage#1?

I feel like the process has been a good reminder for me of my calling as a child of God. It has gently shown me of some of the ways I have been lukewarm in my faith, and has ushered me to think deeply about where God is leading me now.


5.  What do you hope to see as a result of your church implementing The Journey (and, potentially, other VP3 processes)?

I hope that through the process people are deepened in their faith, and are willing to walk together to participate with God and each other in the work He is doing in our community in greater ways.


As I have come to know Barry, I have found that he is a man of few words.  Although his church family in Leota may not necessarily agree with me, he is very concise and efficient with the words that he uses.   Somewhat like those old E.F. Hutton commercials, I have found that he doesn’t speak often, but when he does it is well thought out, significant, and, therefore, “people listen.”  


In his short time facilitating in his church, Barry has already noticed what is often very surprising to all newcomers to VP3 processes…people are willing to invest the time & effort it takes, and “seasoned veterans” and “newbies” to faith in Christ can experience personal transformation through their participation in the process.



If you want to experience what Pastor Barry Lang is experiencing, you should check out some of these great things we have on the horizon…


The Journey Facilitator Retreat in Sioux Falls

December 5th & 6th

If you are wanting to train more facilitators for a winter start or if you are wanting a couple more facilitators trained to “gear up” this spring for a big launch in the fall of 2015…come to Sioux Falls in December and get started!  (Click here to register)


VP3 Webinar“The Life of a Leader: Rhythm vs. Balance”

Dec. 10th @ 12:00pm (CST)

In this fast-paced, highly-driven, consumer-mentality society, is “balance” even the right thing to strive toward in our lives?  What does it mean to live and lead in a healthy “rhythm?”  Join us for a live discussion with other leaders, like yourself, as we work through what it means to find a “rhythm to our lives” in a full and whole kind of way.

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