I am one of those people out there participating in the VP3 process, A Way of Life, in my local church.  I’m so glad I did.


Years ago I would have convinced myself that I could mastermind my sanctification and create a growth plan on my own time. But this Lone Ranger approach would skim the surface of what God intended and what I need.


This reminds me of my angst with a mandated seat belt law when I was a teen-ager.  I thought it was an abuse of power by the State at the time.  Only a few years later I realized that this mandate was put in place for my good because I was not mature enough to know what was in my best interest.


As I have matured as a Christ follower, I have learned a similar lesson. There is simply nothing better than a small learning and praying community stretched by reading and conversations that I did not even know were for my good.  These experiences will protect me and grow me up to influence and serve beyond what I imagine and as God desires.

I have been particularly grabbed by three experiences during my Way of Life year that have been for my good.


1)   The Way of Life material teed up crucial conversations about prayer, scripture reading and living truthfully that tore away my veil of performance anxiety and self consciousness and made these practices real and easier to discuss.

2)    The session on Spiritual Gifts was the deepest and most meaningful dive I’ve taken into that subject.  We were led through a beautiful process where I gained clarity on my gifts in the company of friends. Their encouragement will sharpen my “yes” and my “no” in serving well.

3)   My absolute favorite experience during this Way of Life year has been the focus on our work as a place of mission. Our class split into small groups of three or four and we actually visited each other’s place of work. The host gave us a short tour, shared the challenges and highlights of their work, we asked questions, and prayed. To a person, every report on “how I see God-at-work in your life” was sacred ground.  I even dare to say, this was as paradigm shifting and Kingdom enhancing as the sharing of our life stories during The Journey year. I was taken by surprise at how this impacted all of us.

 If you, or your church is interested in more information on the Way Of Life process, please contact us.  A Way of Life picks up where The Journey ends…deepening and empowering the life of the believer so that we might better participate and model this life of faith and finish well.




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