Lord you are here

Written by on October 6, 2020

Each Tuesday morning we meet as a VP3 team over Zoom. And each Tuesday morning one of us brings a focusing thought. This morning Pam brought a prayer. 

As we read it aloud to each other, twice through, I think it quieted us and centered us a bit, which is not necessarily easy in this unsettling 2020 year. 

I immediately wanted to get outside and take the prayer for a long walk, 30 minutes at the least, letting the prayer’s words bring meaning and invite conversation with the Lord. 

It was a gift to our team today.

Here’s the prayer.  Take a walk if you can; pay attention to what is grabbing your attention; pray as you can, not as you ought. May the Spirit be generously present, near, alongside, within you today…


Lord you are here.

Here in this moment, here in this place.
Not yesterday, with its memories
Not tomorrow, with its promises
But here now
This hour, this moment, this second
Present, near, alongside, within
Here now.

Lord, you are here.
Here in this moment, in this place.
Not where I used to be, with its comforts
Not where I will be, with its challenges,
But here now
In this room, at this chair, before this page
Present, near, alongside, within
Here now.

Yes, child, I am here.
Here in this moment, here in this place.
Always present, ever near
Closer than you think;
Holding you
Sustaining you
Giving you life
Listening, speaking, imparting.
This is my Name:

Father, I hear you.
Here in this moment, here in this place.
You are here, the eternal I AM
Your word my light
Your presence my strength
I rest contented
At peace
At home
In you.

by Tony Horsfall


The prayer comes from Tony Horsfall’s inviting and thoughtful book Attentive To God: Being Aware of God’s Presence in Daily Life. It was recently published by our good friends SooInn and Bernice at GraceWorks. Get yourself a copy!


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