We are in the midst of the Facilitator Training Retreat season here @ VantagePoint3.  3 Retreats done (by the time this posts) – Glendora, CA, Kelowna, BC, and Indianapolis, IN.  There are still 6 more Facilitator Training Retreats on the schedule…Atlanta, GA – in 5 days – and, in August, we will be in Dyer, IN (just south of Chicago), Grimsby, Ontario (the Greater Toronto Area, or, the southern end of “The Golden Horseshoe” ;), Sioux Falls, SD, Kelowna, BC, and Calgary, AB.  So…It’s not too late to join us at one of our Retreats!


As we are nearing the “home stretch” for Facilitator Training Retreats, we are also thinking about what we can do to help all of our “Tribe” who has been trained to facilitate groups gather the people to experience the transformation that comes from intentionally walking with others through The Journey, A Way of Life, the Equipping Experience, or an Enriching Conversation.


Here is where we need help from you…

One thing we are working on to help our facilitators invite participants is a “Starting a Group” page on our website.  The plan is to put sample invitations, ppt slides, notes, and letters that our partner churches have used in the past to invite participants and form groups.  Ideally, these samples would be easy for people to download and edit with their church/organization information to personalize it for their unique context.

We are also recording some short video testimonies at our Facilitator Training Retreats that we hope to make available on the site also.  These short video segments should be easy to link to, send, or post to provide facilitators another way of communicating the impact of VP3 processes on those who participate.


In order to make this happen, we need your help!

If you have created something you have used in your church as a tool to help invite participants to join your groups…we would love it if you would be willing to email us your examples to post on the “Starting a Group” page.  We know that we have many gifted people who have done great things to invite people into these life transforming processes.  We would love to be able to share those with others to help them in their setting also.


If you have something you use and would be willing to let us make it available to help others, you could simply email them to me at brent@vantagepoint3.org and “keep your ears on” to find out when we open up the page of these great resources on our “Starting a Group” page.


Our goal…

to get as many of our trained facilitators as possible leading a group this season.


Why this goal? 

The responses we’ve received in our end-of-the-year participant surveys and our long-term research initiative show that as people walk together through VP3 processes, their lives (and their church) are transformed as they grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.


Our Hope…
As people’s lives are transformed…families are transformed.
As families are transformed…churches are transformed.
As churches are transformed…communities are transformed.
As communities are transformed…
     We may just begin to transform our culture toward the image of Christ…


Please consider helping out others in our VP3 “Tribe” by sharing some of the great resources you have created in your setting.


Let’s continue to work together to change our culture.

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