I want what my sister has.

Written by on December 14, 2021

Sarah was looking for the resource that had changed her sister’s life.

I have great conversations with a lot of people when they call into our offices. But this was an exemplary story:

A woman from the west coast––we’ll call her Sarah––was on the line.

She said, “My sister, Rose, has been a Christian all of her life. She doesn’t live nearby, so we don’t see each other regularly. However, through several recent conversations I noticed a change in her.”

Sarah kept talking, and I kept listening.

She explained that her sister’s excitement and fire about her relationship with Christ had grown. She was noticeably different.

When Sarah asked Rose what the difference was, Rose said she just finished going through a process called The Journey and it was life-changing. Her relationship with Christ is deeper, how she lives her life has changed, how she sees God’s people has changed, and how she sees her own purpose in life has changed.

So the reason Sarah was calling VP3 was this: I want what my sister has.

We proceeded to talk about how she could participate in a Journey group, but she not only wanted to take The Journey, she wanted to be trained to lead The Journey!

Two weeks later, she attended one of our 2.5 hour online trainings to equip adults to lead others through our process.

I heard from our VP3 Team that she was a fantastic learner and a deep well of curiosity and intrigue; full of desire and devotion for helping herself and others grow in their life with Christ.

Now this is a mustard seed I can’t wait to watch grow!

Join us if you are in a position to support us financially. We are committed to faithfully stewarding this mustard seed work the Lord has entrusted to us.


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