The Journey: A Look at the Impact

Written by on May 19, 2014

In my role with VP3 I have the privilege of swimming in a sea of beautiful feedback about how our ministry processes are actually impacting the spiritual growth of individuals and their local setting as a whole. This includes personal stories from facilitators as well as a lot of hardcore data gathered through online assessments participants choose to complete, and a more extensive research inquiry project underway.


To be honest, those of us involved with a VP3 process KNOW a lot of good things are happening in people’s lives.  But to see the impact of this ministry work “by the numbers,” well, it’s a beautiful thing.  So it is with a growing confidence and humble joy I share what we are learning.


Today’s facts are about participation in The Journey process. You may have a person or two you will enjoy sharing this with as well.


The top five reasons an adult in the local church will choose to say yes to participate in The Journey are:


1. Desiring to draw closer to God and grow deeper.
2. Desiring to re-ignite life with God; feeling their life of faith has grown stagnant.
3. Searching for purpose in life.
4. Recognizing that being with others–accountability–helps them grow.
5. Trusting the person that asked them.


Based on the combined assessment data voluntarily completed at the end of The Journey, we are learning that:

  1. 89% enhance their application of the Bible to their lives.
  2. 88% testify to the importance of community and relationships for growth.
  3. 85% deepen their relationship with God.
  4. 81% clarify their sense of purpose and calling in life.
  5. 79% grow in self-awareness.

We are manually reviewing the 2013-14 The Journey Assessments and based on the first couple hundred responses, the top five outcomes of men and women completing The Journey process includes:


 1. Becoming clearer and confident in how God desires to work uniquely through one’s life. 
2. Being with other adults in community catalyzes, or is a key ingredient, to growth.
3. Awakening to God’s ongoing presence in daily life.
4. Deepening of devotion and intimacy with God.
5. Honest questioning of the spiritual journey and God’s direction is taking place.


 “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to capture the integral part you play in this ministry with us.


If you would like to learn more about the VantagePoint3 Journey process we would love to have you join us for a Facilitator Training Retreat this summer in a variety of locations in North America. 


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