Why should I be a part of A Way of Life?

Written by on March 26, 2014

Recently I have been asked something like this a number of times by people completing THE JOURNEY: “Rob, what is A WAY OF LIFE and why should I be a part of it?”  I begin by saying this process is for the person who feels something like this:

So I have said “yes” to Jesus, “I’m in,” “I have been grabbed by him,” but how will I remain faithful to him? What spiritual practices and disciplines and relationships will help me sustain a way of life faithful to Jesus my whole life long?


Building on the experience of THE JOURNEY, A WAY OF LIFE invites participants (again in community with fellow travelers) to: (1) a fuller understanding and practice of a life attentive to God (2) a deeper and more confident sense of God unique calling in their lives, and (3) a way of structuring and ordering their lives toward a life long apprenticeship with Jesus.


Our A WAY OF LIFE webpage offers a more comprehensive description, including a downloadable overview document, a sample introductory session to Stage 1: Friendship with God, and a short video conversation unpacking it’s rationale.


Tom Sine’s words sum up so much of the heart of what we are trying to provide in this process: “The God who has always been a part of our stories invites us to become much more a part of God’s story, and to see what will happen.” So let’s walk together as a group and see what will happen.


We are hearing great things out there from the 400-some folks in the process this year. For those of you who are currently participating in or facilitating A WAY OF LIFE how would you respond if posed that question — “What is A WAY OF LIFE and why should I participate in it?” I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Garth Walker   On   March 28, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Just as my body requires certain amounts of water, protein, and carbs everyday in order to function well – so my inner being needs soul food on a regular basis in order to function as it was designed. The “A Way of Life” group process has significantly increased my habits of fueling my inner being over this past year, resulting in more delight in life, in my fellow man, and in my Lord – more Shalom. I probably drive my friends crazy because I am always talking about what God has been up to in my life and in transforming others in our Journey and A Way of Life groups. In my 40 years of lay and pastoral leadership this process has been the most transformative and captivating – above and beyond anything I have ever participated in or led, including my bible college and seminary courses.

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